The aning of PRAGMATIC is reting to matters of fact or practil affairs often to e exclion of inlectual or artistic matters : practil as ...adjective · advoting behaviour at is dictated more by practil nsequences an by eory or gma · iloy of or reting to pragmatism · involving ...lving problems in a sensible way at suits e nditions at really exist now, raer an obeying fixed eories, ideas, or rules:.World leaders in seminductor innovation. Pragmatic is revolutionising seminductor fabrition wi ultra-low-st, flexible integrated circuit (FlexIC) .../prægˈmætɪk/ · adjective. ncerned wi practil matters. synonyms: matter-of-fact, pragmatil · adjective. of or ncerning e eory of C Legg · 2008 · Cited by 275 — Pragmatism is a iloil tradition at – very broadly – understands knowing e world as inseparable from agency wiin it.Pragmatism is a iloil tradition at views nguage and ought as tools for prediction, problem lving, and , raer an describing, ...adjective · idealistic · impractil · unrealistic · uian · visionary · imaginative · blue-sky · romantic · fanciful.Adjective edit · Practil, ncerned wi making decisions and s at are eful in practice, not jt eory. quotations ▽ · Philoil; dealing ...A pragmatic way of dealing wi ing is based on practil nsiderations. A pragmatic pern deals wi ings in a practil way. She took a pragmatic ...7 days ago — Pragmatism, school of iloy, minant in e United States in e first quarter of e 20 century, based on e principle at e ...pragmatic. adjective. Having or inditing an awareness of ings as ey really are: wn-to-ear, hard, hardheaded, matter-of-fact, objective, practil, ...Definition of pragmatic adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, graar, age notes, ...We improve e lives of professional developers. We create tily, practil books on cssic and cutting-edge ics to help you learn and practice your ...pragmatic aning, definition, what is pragmatic: dealing wi problems in a sensible prac...: Learn more.